Diego Bernal

Front-End Developer

Coachella Valley, California

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About Me

I'm a front-end developer with a background in engineering and mathematics and almost 5 years of professional experience. From static websites to dynamic web applications, I can deliver quality software using modern tooling and best practices.

These days, I'm into ReactJS, NextJS, and all things  JAMstack.

I am available for consulting, brainstorming, programming, drinking coffee, drinking beer, or any combination of these.


Readylink Healthcare

Web Developer

Jun 2014 – Present
  • Built and currently maintaining (as needed) an ASP.NET MVC application using jQuery and Bootstrap 3 on the front-end fed by controllers via SQL stored procedures.
  • Built and currently maintaining SPA with AngularJS and Angular Material. Project consumes REST API endpoints and is built for production and deployed using Gulp and NodeJS.
  • Built and currently maintaining SPA with ReactJS and Material UI. Project consumes REST API endpoints and is released to production using Create React App and NodeJS and/or Bash as needed.
  • Developed a javascript client library around our REST APIs so that any client can use it. Serves as a data service layer and stands alone in its own repository. Built with ES6 classes and bundled as a universal library with WebpackRollup.


CSU San Bernardino

Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering

Minor in Mathematics

Minor in Applied Physics

2009 – 2014


The following are some exploratory projects, coding assignments, and for-fun side-projects that showcase my coding abilities.